About Kona Cofee

Hawaii is the only state within the USA producing coffee. Although all the major Hawaiian islands produce coffee, the Kona districts of the Big Island have the longest history of coffee production.
Since the 1800′s coffee farmers have grown Kona coffee cultivating the unique and distinguished flavor of a Kona cup.

freshly roasted coffee bean

In springtime coffee trees bloom and produce fragrant white flowers called “Kona Snow”. Following the blossoms the coffee fruit begin to grow and will be ripe red cherries during the late summer and autumn. Like all specialty coffees of the world, Kona coffee is picked by hand carefully selecting only the ripe full flavor for processing.green coffee

The Kona district has the ideal environment for growing coffee. The volcanic soils, high elevation, calm winds, perfect temperature and right amount of rainfall all contribute to the ideal conditions for coffee production.

picking coffee pulping the kona coffee
The coffee beans from the fruit are soaked in water for 12 to 24 hours after the outer skin is removed (pulping). The coffee beans are then sun dried, milled and carefully graded. The grading standards for Kona coffee is one of the highest in the world.

roasting the coffeeThe Kona coffee taste can be described as smooth to the palate, medium bodied with a natural sweetness and rich intense aroma. High quality Kona coffee can be made strong without bitterness.

Hawaiian Forest Estates roasts their coffee with the Diedrich Roaster. The roaster is located right on the Kona farm premises. We make sure your coffee is freshly roasted.

our diedrich roaster

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